Porter Airlines

Porter is pleased to offer the following services to passengers with special needs. Please contact the Call Centre for further information about Special Service Requests at 1-888-619-8622.
  • Nut Free Cabin Zone (NFCZ) – While Porter is pleased to assist passengers with allergies, we cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment given the public nature of our aircraft.
    With 48 hours notice, we will remove nut products from our in-flight service menu and assign seating in a buffer zone where passengers are requested not to consume any nut product. Despite our efforts, nut product residue may continue to be present in the cabin, other onboard food items may contain trace elements of nuts and other passengers may bring aboard food items containing nut products or residue. For this reason, passengers with a nut allergy are strongly encouraged to take all necessary medical precautions to prepare for the possibility of exposure.

Here’s a note I got from Debbie in Canada:

The middle of June we were in Chicago for my oldest son’s graduation.  My younger son – John (20 years old) had to fly back to Toronto, by himself on the Monday. He hadn’t flown since his very bad experience in Sydney, Australia with Air Canada January, 2011. I was a little nervous for him, but he flew Porter Airlines and his experience was wonderful.
When my husband booked John’s flight, there was a place to note allergies. When John arrived at the airport, the Porter staff were aware of his allergy and told him all peanuts/nuts have been removed from the plane for his flight. They offered to make the announcement – but John said it wasn’t necessary. Porter staff told him if there was anything else he needed – to please just let them know. John said it couldn’t have gone smoother and he was very pleased.
Porter usually hands out small bags of almonds to their passengers. They do have an almond dispensing machine in the departure lounge.
I phoned Porter to thank them and inquired how they handle other allergens. Their flights are usually short haul and they said they don’t serve much food – sometimes cookies, chocolate, wraps and a small salad. They said they would do their best to work with the passenger who has allergies, to come to a workable solution.  (July 2013)