Per their company spokesperson:

As of June 1, 2013, passengers who report a peanut allergy to their reservations or gate agent at the airport will not have peanuts(or products containing peanuts)served onboard their flight.

While Delta cannot guarantee a peanut-free environment, whenever possible Airport Customer Service agents will notify Flight Leaders and Pursers during their pre-flight briefings.

Flight attendants will make an appropriate onboard announcement to let customers know that peanut products will not be served.

This removes the “three-seat” buffer area that was previously offered for passengers with a peanut allergy.   This new policy only applies to peanuts at this time and does not include tree nuts.

“As for why we did it, it was a combination of feedback from customers, combined with creating the most efficient operational approach to meeting the process,” said Black.

May  2012

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  1. Amy Wicker Post author

    This came in from Caitlin (Jan. 2014)

    We are medallion members on Delta Airlines and recently received information directly from the airline that they will soon begin offering nuts free of charge to eligible travelers who visit their Crown Rooms while traveling. This is of concern to us, as our daughter has a serious nut allergy and delta is one of the few airlines we felt comfortable flying. We realize they cannot prohibit what passengers eat before the flights ( or carry on), but I don’t see why they need to serve them. Their actions could increase the risk of nut allergens being brought onto a plane and triggering a reaction of another passenger. Why would they want to contribute to that risk? Thank you for all that you do. A collective voice is a powerful one.

  2. Kathryn Wiess

    So there new policy removes the ability to have a buffer zone? This makes it WORSE for those with Tree nut Allergies. While we were flying Delta, we were told numerous times that would make an announcement kindly asking passengers to refrain from eating tree nuts if possible, and also a buffer zone. However, the announcement on our return flight, they said “peanuts” with zero mention of tree nuts. When we asked, assuming the common misunderstanding they said they would not correct it and said we have the buffer zone and they wont hand out tree nuts. Seemed ok, but not happy. However, last one the same flight attendant handed out a bag of almonds to the passenger sitting directly behind my daughter! When asked, she denied it until my husband walked her over and showed her. She was outright rude. Thankfully, the passenger was very accommodating and said she had no idea and happily returned the almonds.

    1. Amy Wicker Post author

      Thanks for sharing your story Kathryn. Unfortunately, we’re still at the mercy of flight attendants. There are many inconsistencies when it comes to flying which makes it more challenging for all of us. I’m glad the passenger was accommodating. It seems she had more understanding and awareness than the flight attendant.

    2. RJ

      When they say they “removed the buffer area”, I believe that was their old policy to give buffer zone. Now, and in our recent experience, the flight attendants will notify the entire flight that some passenger(s) have airborne allergies and not to consume peanut or tree nuts. We always notify reservations of the allergy in advance, and reminded the gate agent and flight attendant. We’ve always also been allowed to pre-board to wipe down the seats.

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