In December 2013, The merger between American Airlines and USAir became official. They are presently working to consolidate their systems.

Here’s what’s currently on USAir’s website:

We recognize that some of our passengers are allergic to peanut products. However, because of last-minute aircraft changes and the possibility that other passengers may have peanuts, we cannot guarantee that no peanut products will be on board. Also, we cannot accommodate ‘peanut-free’ snack requests, and meals may contain peanuts or peanut-related ingredients, so we encourage you to bring your own food items on board if you’re allergic to peanuts.

(AW 1/14)

4 thoughts on “USAir

  1. Stacy VanWychen

    US Air as per recent flight and conversation with disability services, will NOT make an announcement about nut allergies, create a buffer zone, or stop serving various nut mixes (which must be purchased) on flight

  2. Amy Wicker Post author

    Hi Stacy — Thanks for that update. Did you choose to fly a different airline?

    1. Stacy VanWychen

      Unfortunately, we did not learn about this policy until after our flight. I had called customer service and checked their web site to determine if we wanted to fly US Air. I was told that the only nuts served were an almond mix offered in first class. We took a total of four flights, (2 flights to reach our destination and 2 flights to come home) on the first flight the flight attendant threatened to have us thrown off the plane for tell the people sitting next to our son that he had a nut allergy. The flight attendant told me that I was not allowed to speak to anyone on the plane about nuts. The other 3 flights the attendants made an announcement on the plane about our nut allergy and were very accommodating. I called to complain to customer service and was told that the 3 flights were an announcement was made were in violation of company policies and would be talk to. I was told that I was allowed to speak to people next to me, including the “nut allergy” subject and that the flight attendant would be talked to as well. I was also told that they will now be offering several more varieties of nuts (not peanuts) for all passengers to purchase. When I asked what a nut allergy person is to do if they have to fly for work, where it is not optional, I was told by customer service that they could still fly, just not with US Air.

  3. Maxine McKinney

    I was told by US Air that they could not make an announcement but if I went into anaphylactic shock I could “feel free” to use my epi-pen. I wear a sign around my neck announcing my allergy. Before I sit down I make sure everyone around me sees it and agrees not to kill me. This is INSANE!

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