Traveling to Ireland? Find out what our guest blogger has to say about it.

August 27 – By Writer and Guest Blogger Tamar Kummal

Recently, my boyfriend and I took a week to travel through Ireland. I’m gluten free, dairy free, and a whole host of other things that I generally have to avoid. So every trip I take, starts the same way: research. I start looking for restaurants that can accommodate gluten free. I figure it’s the best place to start. If they’re good about that food sensitivity, then hopefully they’re aware enough to help me avoid others. I spoke to the travel agent about getting gluten free/dairy free meals on my flights. I had to choose one or the other, of course. But hey, I’m just glad there’s ANY option. And I think it’s always worth asking for everything you need, just so people are aware of what they will eventually need to offer. I emailed every hotel we stayed in to ask about their breakfast buffet accommodating my needs. Here’s what I found. “No problem.” “Of course we can.” “You’re covered.” “Just ask.” Etc. I was excited, (and horrified), to find out that Celiac (or Coeliac as they write it in Ireland) runs rampant across the tiny country. Therefore, every single place we went, big or small, East or West, had notations on their menu about what I could eat. Every sauce is gluten and dairy free. Every soup is gluten and dairy free. I even had an amazing sticky toffee pudding: gluten and dairy free. It was fantastic. Every hotel breakfast, once I said my issues, they ran into the kitchen and brought back soya milk and gluten free toast. Some had gluten free sausages. They could make me special eggs. Anyone would be happy to do anything I asked. But I didn’t ask. I was too busy happily stuffing my face because I could. And their gluten free bread is really good too. No Styrofoam or lead bread. You know the kind. So go to Ireland. Be prepared and enjoy your trip.

Favorite Hotel: The Dunloe, Killarney

Favorite Restaurants:

Dublin: Carluccio’s.

Kilkenny: Hibernian Hotel Bar and Restaurant

Blarney: Mandalay Restaurant

Killarney: Cronin’s Restaurant

Portmagee, Ring of Kerry: The Moorings

Dingle: Goat Street Café (gluten free/dairy free sticky toffee pudding!)

Limerick: The Sage Café.

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    Hey, thanks for this info. My daughter is allergic to all sorts of things and I had a friend who went to Europe but wasn’t as smart as you are. He simply packed a lot of peanut-butter sandwiches. I found out myself, peanut-butter is not popular in Ireland or Scotland. This is a great article for people who like to travel and have to accommodate a different diet. from: Brighid O’

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