Aimee: Our Hero in the Sky

Summer 2015 –

We salute American Airlines flight attendant Aimee of New York for going above and beyond to protect food allergic passengers.  Aimee, who frequently flies internationally, explains to her food allergic passengers that she understands their issues, and she’ll do what she can to help them.  This includes informing passengers who are seated in nearby rows about the individual’s allergy.  Aimee says she’s never had push back from the other passengers, and the food allergic passenger is always appreciative of her efforts.

Aimee understands food allergies first-hand since her son is allergic to dairy and nuts.  She had hoped that she and her family would be able to take frequent trips around the world, but her son’s allergies make that difficult to do.

When it comes to flying with allergies, Aimee says it’s all in the approach you take with the flight crew. “Don’t act like it’s a panic situation.  When you get on the plane, pull a flight attendant aside and calmly explain the situation.  Make sure it’s not during a crazy time,” said Aimee.

This 20-year-veteran says she believes the airlines need to be proactive and work with their food allergic passengers.   “This is about passenger safety and making sure that everyone stays safe while flying,” said Aimee.

AST would like to note that Aimee wished to keep her identity anonymous due to company policies.  We appreciate her candor and hope that one day talking about  going above and beyond to protect an allergic passenger will be encouraged by airlines.  Thanks to Aimee for sharing her story. 

By: Amy Wicker

2 thoughts on “Aimee: Our Hero in the Sky

  1. kt

    That’s great that she is aware and helpful, but in general, American is one of the worst. Still roasts nuts in first class, won’t make an announcement or do anything. Have not flown then in Almost a decade for this reason.

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