About Us

As a journalist for more than ten years, I became accustomed to and enjoyed searching out information for various stories on which I was working. Today, as a stay-at-home mom of two daughters, one of whom is asthmatic and anaphylactic to milk, eggs and all nuts, and another one who is gluten intolerant, I find that I’m still doing research, but the information I now seek has taken on life-saving importance.

Travel is particularly difficult for those with food allergies, which in this country is estimated at 12 million people. Whenever we want to take a trip, I spend hours researching the newer hotels with kitchens, the health food stores, the medical facilities and allergy friendly restaurants where we might be able to eat. I spend even more time shopping for groceries and preparing meals in advance. But lately, as I make my phone calls, I’ve been asking myself, “how many other allergy moms are making these same phone calls?” I’m sure a lot of us are. This is why I believe we need a website like AllergySafeTravel.com. Let’s stop re-inventing the wheel every time we want to travel. Instead, let’s work together and pool our resources.

Each time I take a trip or get information on a new destination, I’ll be updating the website and sharing it with you. My hope is that you’ll do the same. You can add information or plan your next trip.

While I know our goals are ambitious, I think if we all work together we can make a difference. I look forward to the possibilities that we might create for each other.

Here’s to safe and relaxing travels!


Amy Wicker