“Buttons for a Cure” Initiative Launched to Raise Awareness and Funds for Food Allergy Cure

January, 12, 2016 — AllergySafeTravel, an online travel resource, announces the launch of their new “Buttons for a Cure” campaign to raise awareness about the growing number of individuals who suffer from life-threatening food allergies.  AST Founder and President Amy Wicker says the newly launched initiative serves several purposes – to make people aware of

Time to Take a Stand on Airline Access to Emergency Epinephrine Legislation

October 28, 2015 — As many of you know, airline travel with severe nut allergies is an issue that is near and dear to my heart.  My 10-year-old daughter had an airborne reaction to nuts on a plane five years ago.  I’ve been working on this issue since then, and needless to say, I’m pleased at

2015: A Life Changing Year for Me but One Filled with Promise

September 29, 2015 Have you ever had one of those years where you want to climb under a rock and stay there for a good long time? Well, this year happens to be my year to climb under that rock. We all like to think that we have some morsel of control over life, but

Spring Travel Ahead? Tips to Help You Travel with Allergies

March 23, 2015 – For those who suffer from seasonal or food allergies, traveling is not always such a simple task. Whether you’re planning a trip overseas or just a few states away, preparing to travel with allergies ahead of time can save you a great deal of time and frustration. Here are a few

AST Prepares to Launch Newsletter for Airline Industry

March 9, 2015 Dear AllergySafeTravel Supporter: We are creating a newsletter that will be distributed to top airline executives and government officials at the Department of Transportation and the White House. This newsletter is intended to gain greater buy-in from airlines for making accommodations for severe food allergy sufferers, especially those with peanut and tree

Flying with Nut Allergies – A Call to Action

January 2015 Purpose: To give greater urgency to the growing problem of anaphylaxis and asthma on board planes due to airborne and contact exposure to peanuts and tree nuts, I want to share with you anecdotal and scientific evidence that this issue deserves more attention.  This article also outlines ways to prevent anaphylactic reactions by taking

Holiday Travel May See Increase in Allergic Reactions Aboard Planes

November 13, 2014 – As the holiday travel season approaches, more families will be flying.  With the increase in travel comes an increased risk among travelers with food allergies, especially those allergic to nuts.  To that end, we’re encouraging airlines, food allergic travelers and the traveling public to take extra precautions.  This warning comes after four airline

My Allergy-Friendly Dream Scenario

October 14, 2014 —  Indulge me for just a moment — imagine the following scenario.  My family and I are getting ready to travel to Hawaii.  I go online to make my airline reservation, and there’s a box for me to check to indicate that we will be traveling with a child who has severe