Wishing United’s New Nut Policy Went Further

September 8, 2014 – My initial positive reaction to United’s new policy pertaining to nut allergies as a step in the right direction was somewhat tempered by questions I had about the policy. United’s associate general counsel provided me some additional information that will hopefully help clarify a few things. United has changed its policy

Traveling to Ireland? Find out what our guest blogger has to say about it.

August 27 – By Writer and Guest Blogger Tamar Kummal Recently, my boyfriend and I took a week to travel through Ireland. I’m gluten free, dairy free, and a whole host of other things that I generally have to avoid. So every trip I take, starts the same way: research. I start looking for restaurants

Amtrak Follow Up: Q & A with Spokesman Marc Magliari

July 30, 2014   After writing my initial post on train travel, I asked spokesman Marc Magliari for additional details on the training of food service workers, the presence of nuts, etc.  Below are his answers to my questions. Q:  After checking your website, I’m wondering how often the food facts will be updated. The menu

Flying Not An Option … Have you thought about Amtrak?

June 10, 2014 — Our family only flies when absolutely necessary, usually to see relatives.    Recently, however, we’ve been thinking more about Amtrak because in many ways it seems like rail travel might be a safer and easier way to go compared to airline travel if you are dealing with food allergies.  For example, if

Fly Safe: My Top Ten List

May 12, 2014 — Of course, my fondest wish is that an emergency kit to reduce food allergic reactions onboard planes would be unnecessary if airlines stopped serving or allowing nuts on flights.  Until that happens, if you have a family member with a nut allergy you probably have your own “emergency kit” that you

Swiss Air’s Allergy Friendly Policy

April 28, 2014 —  My husband and I traveled to Switzerland several years ago to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos.  The country is beautiful, the people are very pleasant, and since we both previously had lived abroad, we talked about the possibility of living abroad again with our family.  But, when you have

First Airline Receives Allergy Friendly Designation

ZURICH AIRPORT, Switzerland, April 16, 2014 — In May, Swiss International Air Lines Ltd., (SWISS), will introduce a number of ground/ inflight products designed to enhance the air travel experience for allergy sufferers. These innovations will include new alternative (lactose- and gluten- free) food and drinks, along with cabin interior changes. SWISS has teamed up with the European Centre for

“More Than An Inconvenience” – A Great Response

April 9, 2014 It’s been a month now since the Academy Awards, and I often think if they had a category for raising awareness about a public health concern, our film “More Than An Inconvenience” would have been a winner. It wasn’t created to win awards (although it has), but to-date, it has had nearly