Airline Presentation – Piloting An Allergy Safe Route

March 12, 2014 Once you’ve been through on onboard allergic reaction, you learn pretty quickly how not to sweat the small stuff, so it was with this mindset that I went into my presentation with airline executives. About 30 represenatives from 15 to 16 different air carriers were present along with executives from the international

VIDEO: Mom to Mom

Two friends and I have decided to get together from time to time to talk about the latest food allergy news, how to manage them on a daily basis, and ways in which we can help support one another. Please let us know if you have any thoughts or ideas on topics you might find

"More Than An Inconvenience" – Film looks at flying with nut allergies

At long last, I’m pleased to finally be able to release this short film that looks at the issue of flying with nut allergies. For nearly two years, I’ve been waiting to have a meeting with airline representatives, and I wanted them to be the first ones to see this film. That meeting was held

Overseas Travel and Food Allergies?

International travel is a particular challenge for people with food allergies. In fact, most of the email messages I get are from parents who want to travel overseas with their food allergic children. For our family, getting on a plane for an overseas flight is too big of a risk, and I know a lot

Nuts on Airlines – Update

Some time has passed since I’ve written about nuts on airlines, but the issue certainly hasn’t gone away. Within the past couple of weeks I’ve seen an increase in the number of complaints from individuals who have had bad flying experiences.  I even had a publicist call to tell me that her actress client couldn’t

VIDEO: Chef Dominque Tougne

Chef Dominque Tougne of Chez Moi, Chicago, knows first hand about food allergies. Both of his children are allergic to nuts among other things so it makes traveling to his home country of France a bit challenging. He talks about how he does it and offers a bit of practical advice for those who want

Our Favorite Travel Snack

When we travel, I always feel as though we’re limited in terms of what we can eat while we’re on the road. My friend and personal chef Bonnie Ebert turned me onto her “Energy Balls” one day, and they’ve been a staple for us ever since. Because we only make these when we travel, we

Best Practices Guide

Did you know that an estimated 59 million people in the United States are now on either restricted diets or have food allergies?  That’s a shocking and staggering amount.  While we don’t know the reason behind the increasing numbers, there’s one thing of which I’m certain and that is this.  It is time we do