Two Words To Carry With You.

Several months ago, my family and I traveled to Washington, DC, to see the sites and visit friends.  This was our first true vacation, and I knew we would have several hurdles to face.  First off, we would be taking the Metro (subway) around town, so I knew I was going to have to carry

Nuts on Airlines, Part 2

Airlines – Part 2 One of the functions of government is to protect its citizens.  So why hasn’t the government stepped in to do anything about this issue?  First off, the peanut lobbyists are quite strong on Capitol Hill, and they had a good friend in Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia.  Gingrich

Nuts on Airlines, Part 1

Hello and welcome. As the parent of a food allergic child, I try to control her environment as much as I can, but when it comes to flying, I have no control.  Instead, I have to rely on the goodwill of flight attendants to ensure a safe trip.  In the past, I’ve had great assistance