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Per their company spokesperson:

As of June 1, 2013, passengers who report a peanut allergy to their reservations or gate agent at the airport will not have peanuts(or products containing peanuts)served onboard their flight.

While Delta cannot guarantee a peanut-free environment, whenever possible Airport Customer Service agents will notify Flight Leaders and Pursers during their pre-flight briefings.

Flight attendants will make an appropriate onboard announcement to let customers know that peanut products will not be served.

This removes the “three-seat” buffer area that was previously offered for passengers with a peanut allergy.   This new policy only applies to peanuts at this time and does not include tree nuts.

“As for why we did it, it was a combination of feedback from customers, combined with creating the most efficient operational approach to meeting the process,” said Black.

May  2012