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Here are some of the websites that we think you’ll find helpful.  Again, our goal is to provide you with sites that will assist you the most with your travel plans.  Please let us know if you have a favorite.

Allergy Eats


Avoiding Milk Protein

Bed Bug Registry —  a free, public database of user-submitted bed bug reports from across the United States and Canada.

Gluten Free Passport

Go Picnic  —  This company offers shelf-stable meals that are nice to have when you’re traveling.  They even offer an allergen-free meal as well.

PardonMOI — AllergySafeTravel’s parent company offers customized allergy t-shirts for children and adults.  These shirts are great for travel, school, parties, or daycare.

Peanut Free Baseball  — This website lists nut free nights at ballparks across the country.

Vacationing with Food Allergies



One thought on “Favorite Links

  1. Claire Green


    I found your site allergysafetravel.com while looking up information on allergies.
    My daughter has always been sensitive and I am confronted with the complications of her asthma and food allergies daily. For the longest time we have avoided eating out, but we have started going to a little place near our house that just opened up and serves allergen free options. We have really enjoyed going out together. Recently I found this article and I forwarded it to our other local restaurants:


    I think you should consider including the article on your page http://allergysafetravel.com/favorite-links because other parents might be able to utilize this resource in a similar fashion. I think a lot of restaurant owners just don’t understand the amount of people that are affected by allergies. It not only includes the individuals who have the allergies, but the families’ who share meals with them as well.




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