All News on Traveling With Food Allergies

Here you will find 2 kind of news — news that is pertinent to AllergySafeTravel, and our News Feed which is a listing of all food allergy news that is published by other media sites, blogs and news organizations, big and small.

9/2/2014      Chicago Tribune United Airlines Changes Nut Policy

4/24/2014     NBC News  Swiss Certified as World’s First Allergy-Friendly Airline

2/11/2014     Chicago Tribune Allergies Fly Under Radar

01/29/2014   WBBM Radio Naperville Mom Wants Airline Safeguards Against Peanut Allergies

01/28/2014   AST Press Release U.S. Airlines Get Preview of New Film that Highlights Peril of Flying with Nut Allergies

10/01/13     Chicago Parent Magazine Mom of the Month

07/31/13     Health Professional Radio Tips for Traveling with Anaphylactic Food Allergies

07/23/13     Naperville Sun Mom:  Food Allergies Make It a Drag to Travel

07/07/13     Daily Herald Naperville Mom helps food allergy sufferers travel safely

07/01/12    Allergic Living Magazine  Editor Gwen Smith wrote a nice article, “Flying Into Stormy Skies”, which looks at airline policies and their inconsistencies and the bad behavior that many of us are experiencing when we fly. Our story was included. Article available by subscription only.

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