Policies By Airlines

Airplane Policies

Just click on the link below to find each individual Airline’s policy on flying with nut allergies.

To date, the most accommodating airlines are out of Canada, although Delta and Southwest no longer serve peanuts on their flights if they have a peanut allergic passenger on board.  WestJet and Air Canada both make announcements and create buffer zones for nut allergic passengers.  WestJet doesn’t serve nuts either.   If you’re planning a trip to Europe, you may want to consider flying Swiss Air which is the first airline to receive it’s “Allergy-Friendly” designation.

If you have had a different experience from what’s indicated below, please let us know, and we’ll raise the issue with the airline.  I’ve found, through numerous discussions with airline executives, that even though there may be a policy indicating one thing, the execution of that policy may be different.  If this is the case, the airline needs to be made aware of that discrepancy.

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