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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against United Airlines

Summer 2015 – A California woman loses her court battle against United Airlines that stemmed from a life-threatening allergic reaction she had on board a flight. In May, a U.S. District Court judge in Sacramento threw out the claims that Alisa Gleason had filed stating that her charges of negligence, emotional distress and breach of

Calls to Protect Allergic Airline Passengers Fail to Trigger Legislative Action in Britain

Summer 2015 – Traveling by plane with allergies to tree nuts or peanuts can be a tricky issue, often requiring a standing battle plan. That could mean booking flights in advance, researching airline allergy policies, wiping down seats and trays with alcohol pads and packing doses of self-injectable epinephrine in case of an allergic reaction.

Airlines Upgrade Safety by Receiving Food Allergy Training

Summer 2015 – When airline executives now receive disability training, food allergies will be a part of that discussion, thanks to Open Doors, a non-profit advocacy group for people with disabilities.  Due to the growing prevalence of food allergies, the Chicago-based organization began to include the information in its training program beginning in January. “We

My Journey with Airborne Nut Allergies

Summer 2015 – Five years ago, I boarded a flight from Chicago with my husband and two daughters, one of whom has asthma and life-threatening nut allergies, to attend a family member’s wedding in California.  Twenty minutes after take-off we began smelling nuts—within seconds my daughter started to react. I grabbed the epinephrine, nebulizer, and

Your Stories

Summer 2015 – Robin’s Story:   Before taking a cross-country flight on American Airlines, Robin Van Duren went online to review the airline’s policy on food allergies.  The policy stated that the decision to make an announcement informing passengers about a nut allergy would be left up to crew members.  She was given the same information

Airlines That Went Above and Beyond – WestJet

Summer 2015 – When it comes to accommodating passengers flying with nut allergies, Canada’s WestJet Airlines has set the gold standard.   Since 2011, the company has operated under a unique, well-organized peanut and nut allergy-conscious policy.  The amount of information and detail that they provide passengers with is unparalleled.  From the filtration system to

Aimee: Our Hero in the Sky

Summer 2015 – We salute American Airlines flight attendant Aimee of New York for going above and beyond to protect food allergic passengers.  Aimee, who frequently flies internationally, explains to her food allergic passengers that she understands their issues, and she’ll do what she can to help them.  This includes informing passengers who are seated